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At Central Plains Bat Removal, we know that bats can be a pest. So if you’re looking for help getting rid of these flying mammals from your home or business, give us a call. Our team of experts will be able to assess your situation and provide solutions that work for YOU.

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At Central Plains Bat Removal, we work hard to earn your business and we take the time to make sure our bat removal services offer the best quality and the best value for our commercial and residential customers. We welcome you to contact us and let one of our bat removal specialists assist you today. We will respond within 24 hours!

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A Company Built on Trust,
Value and Unparalleled Service

Founded in 2017, Central Plains Bat Removal is a family owned and operated business. We serve the needs of our clients throughout the Central Midwest United States with service in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Iowa and Minnesota.

Bat Removal, Guaranteed.

When bats invade your home, don’t start looking for a new one, contact the professional bat removal team at Central Plains Bat Removal and have those bats safely and effectively removed from your home or business for good.