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If you’re interested in learning more about our bat removal services, or maybe even just bats in general, our blog is a great place to start! We’ve got tons of valuable information on our blog to answer your bat questions.

Chicken bats flying

Are bats protected in South Dakota?

Only one of several species of bat living in South Dakota appear on the threatened or endangered species, the northern long-eared bat. It sits among

Bat in the wild

The Many Benefits of Bats

Perhaps no other mammal has captured the imagination so much as the bat. Our only self-propelled flying relative, bats, have been the inspiration for thousands

What Time of Year Do You Remove Bats: Flying bats

What Time of Year Do You Remove Bats?

What Time of Year Do You Remove Bats? Our winged friends the bat Having bats around can be something amazing to see, but like many

The largest bat species, a flying fox, in the air against a blue sky.

What are the Largest Bat Species?

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s … a bat the size of a hang glider.  Here at Central Plains Bat Removal, bats are

A small bat hanging in a cave preparing for hibernation. Do bats hibernate?

The Important Question: Do Bats Hibernate?

Did you know that more than half of the bat species in the United States are endangered or in decline? These small mammals are extremely

Small brown bat mammal on a human hand. A Small Brown Bat is one of many cute bat species.

8 Cute Bat Species Living in the Midwest

Bats tend to have a negative connotation, but did you know that bats are actually super important members of our ecosystem? If you can get

A pipistrelle bat hibernating in a hole in a wall.

Are Bats Blind?

Almost everyone will have heard the saying, “as blind as a bat,” but are bats blind? Here we take a look at whether bats are

How Many Species Of Bats Are There - Central Plains Bat Removal

How Many Species Of Bats Are There?

Bats are some of the most amazing creatures out there. Many people know common facts about them, such as bats are the only mammals that

brown bat

Bat Control Tips to Try Before Calling a Pro

When there’s a problem at your house, you probably think you can fix it yourself. And sometimes, you can! It’s that inherent need to conquer