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If you’re interested in learning more about our bat removal services, or maybe even just bats in general, our blog is a great place to start! We’ve got tons of valuable information on our blog to answer your bat questions.

A Year in the Life of a Bat

Bats are fascinating creatures; that’s just a fact. Here at Central Plains Bat Removal, we think bats are pretty groovy. And once you read the

bat hanging

Bat Control Tips to Try Before Calling a Pro

When there’s a problem at your house, you probably think you can fix it yourself. And sometimes, you can! It’s that inherent need to conquer

A house for birds and bats in the park.

Why Build a Bat House? And How?

Have you noticed some new tenants in your home or outbuildings? At Central Plains Bat Removal, we like to think of ourselves as bat realtors.

Chimney cap installed to prevent rodent entry to home/attic/building

What To Do With Bats in Chimneys?

It’s the time of year where many people enjoy a nice, warm fire. Is there anything better than enjoying a good book or movie, drinking

close up of bat in flight

What Kind of Bats are Near Me?

It is normal to be a little wary of the unknown. At Central Plains Bat Removal, we like all types of bats. By now, the

bat flying at night

8 Reasons Why Bat Conservation is Essential

At Central Plains Bat Removal, our 32 years of bat removal experience has given us great respect for these noble creatures. We firmly believe in