Learn More About Bats: Are Bats Friendly to Humans?

Someone holding a little brown bat.

Bats generally get a nasty rap but are bats friendly to humans? Vampires, bites, and disease come to mind, which inclines some to fear animals.  Here’s the good news! Bats aren’t horrible creatures out for your blood! They are passive, gentle, and fascinating creatures who MUCH prefer insects, not you. If you feel you have […]

Do Bats Migrate? Get the Facts

fruit bats migrating in the sky

Do Bats Migrate? Do bats migrate? Seems like a simple question. The simple answer is yes. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. What do you know about bats?  If you’ve ever had one in your home or business, probably more than you want to know about bats. Do you suspect you may have […]