Are Bats Blind?

A pipistrelle bat hibernating in a hole in a wall.

Almost everyone will have heard the saying, “as blind as a bat,” but are bats blind? Here we take a look at whether bats are blind and discuss their use of echolocation. Finally, if you’ve got a colony of unwanted bats on your property, we will cover how to remove them safely, given their poor […]

How to Know It’s Time to Call the Bat Experts

bat removal services

Did you know that bats are essential to our ecosystem? Without our furry flying friends, we would have many more pests in our neighborhoods. Bats have a healthy appetite for bugs, which means fewer bugs to bother you. Even though they play a critical role in our ecosystem, you still don’t want them living in […]

Why are Bats Associated with Halloween?

bats flying towards the full moon in a halloween scene

Bats and Halloween go together like — well — candy and Halloween. The world’s only flying mammal gives most humans a flutter of fear, and Halloween is all about thrills and fears. Does your heart speed up when you see a bat flying outside your house? What about if you see one flying inside? Those […]

Do Bats Migrate? Get the Facts

fruit bats migrating in the sky

Do Bats Migrate? Do bats migrate? Seems like a simple question. The simple answer is yes. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. What do you know about bats?  If you’ve ever had one in your home or business, probably more than you want to know about bats. Do you suspect you may have […]

Bat Trivia for Bat Enthusiasts and Students

Schoolchildren in the classroom raise their hands.

For better or worse, it seems everyone has an opinion on bats. Those that like these flying creatures argue that if you don’t like them, you do not know enough about them. At Central Plains Bat Removal, we know all about bats. We know that they are an essential part of our ecosystem and play […]