What Time of Year Do You Remove Bats?

What Time of Year Do You Remove Bats: Flying bats

What Time of Year Do You Remove Bats? Our winged friends the bat Having bats around can be something amazing to see, but like many other wild animals, sometimes they find themselves where they don’t need to be. Keeping them around is important, so knowing what time of year to remove bats in order to […]

Why are Bats Associated with Halloween?

bats flying towards the full moon in a halloween scene

Bats and Halloween go together like — well — candy and Halloween. The world’s only flying mammal gives most humans a flutter of fear, and Halloween is all about thrills and fears. Does your heart speed up when you see a bat flying outside your house? What about if you see one flying inside? Those […]

Bat Control Tips to Try Before Calling a Pro

bat hanging

When there’s a problem at your house, you probably think you can fix it yourself. And sometimes, you can! It’s that inherent need to conquer any challenge that arises because it’s our home.  Whether it’s fixing a busted pipe under the sink or re-tiling the floor in your bathroom, DIY mode goes into effect. It […]