How Many Species Of Bats Are There?

How Many Species Of Bats Are There - Central Plains Bat Removal

Bats are some of the most amazing creatures out there. Many people know common facts about them, such as bats are the only mammals that can fly. But fewer people realize just how numerous and diverse bats are, or how much they do to help people. There are also many harmful myths and misconceptions about […]

Learn More About Bats: Are Bats Friendly to Humans?

Someone holding a little brown bat.

Bats generally get a nasty rap but are bats friendly to humans? Vampires, bites, and disease come to mind, which inclines some to fear animals.  Here’s the good news! Bats aren’t horrible creatures out for your blood! They are passive, gentle, and fascinating creatures who MUCH prefer insects, not you. If you feel you have […]