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Supporting Our Community During the Coronavirus Outbreak

If you are anything like us, you are more than a little scared and confused by all the chaos around us these days. You can hardly look at your phone or turn on your TV without a wave of news on the current state of affairs. 

They are calling it a Pandemic, and with good reason. We have never seen anything like this in our lifetimes. Hopefully, we never will again.

They are calling it COVID-19. It is the newest Coronavirus, so named because of the crown-like spikes on their surfaces. 

At Central Plains Bat Removal, we call it a chance for communities to band together and spread compassion and kindness. 

This is not the first Coronavirus to affect humans, but it is possibly the worst we’ve yet seen. The most common response is to spread fear and panic. People who are ruled by fear are often selfish and quick to anger and overreaction.

We have seen just a taste of that in these past few weeks. The people in your grocery stores who are buying up all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer are good examples of this. 

It is easy to demonize the people you perceive to be selfish, but try to remember that they are only scared and reacting to the panic they see all around them. 

If you are tempted to lose hope, we urge you to hold on. There is a way we can get through this together. We want to present you with a few easy ways to help those in your community who need it to get through this hard time. 

Small businesses are often the hardest in times of economic hardship. Unfortunately, that is what we are soon to be faced with hard economic times. Keep your community in mind and follow as many of these steps as you can. 

Support local business - business tips handwriting on label with compass

Buy Gift Cards 

If you have a favorite local business that you frequent, chances are they have had to either shut down or slow down. If you are able, purchase a gift card for future goods and services. 

Small businesses need the cash flow now. There are employees, bills, and rent to be paid. In order to make it through this crisis, these mom and pop stores will need the help and loyalty of their communities. 

Remember, gift cards aren’t only for restaurants. You can purchase them for many businesses-

  • Coffee shops
  • Nail salons
  • Hair salons
  • Yoga studios
  • Bookstores
  • Local retail shops

These are just some of the places that may offer a gift certificate. If you are unsure, call and ask. 

Order Delivery

Hanging out in your favorite coffee shop or diner is, unfortunately, not an option at present. Instead, consider ordering your favorite brew or sandwich to go and enjoy them at home. 

Just because we are self-quarantine-ing and social distancing does not mean we can’t enjoy our favorite treats. Besides, you can’t cook every night.

Shop Local Online

Spend some time surfing the information superhighway to see if your local shops offer their wares on their websites. If you have been eyeing that perfect pair of boots or that gorgeous work of art in your local shop downtown, now is the ideal time to treat yourself. 

Order your books from your local bookstore; you’ll need something besides TV and news updates to stimulate your mind in this time of fear. 

Many stores are offering free shipping, curbside pick-up, or even local delivery. 

Big Tipper

As you can imagine, the people hit hardest by this pandemic are the hourly workers who have had their hours and pay slashed in the forced shutdowns. 

When you visit a local establishment, be sure to tip your waiter, delivery driver, barista, or shopkeeper more than you usually would. Many of these workers live paycheck to paycheck, and most don’t receive benefits. 

These hard-working individuals need your help if they are going to make it through this hard time. 

Take Care of Your People

If you have the means, continue to pay the people who work for you. If you are a business owner and you are able, continue to pay your employees. 

On the other hand, if you are just an individual just trying to make it through, chances are you have a few people in your life who rely on people like you for their livelihood. More specifically, we are talking about hourly workers like dog-walkers, tutors, and housekeepers. 

If you are able, continue to pay your workers. Even if it is a partial salary, your employees will be grateful for the support. 

Leave a Good Review

Since you are stuck at home all day, on your phone or computer, now is the perfect time to leave your favorite places that glowing review you have meant to write. Your kind words will give those small businesses a much-needed boost. 

While you are at it, take the extra time to follow your favorite spots on all their social media pages. Make sure you like and share all their posts too. You may be the one that brings new customers to your favorite store. 

top view of employees standing around in a circle with their thumbs up and fists against each other, representing teamwork, positivity, community, help and support within small businesses or company

Spread Kindness and Consideration

It’s easy to lose your head when times get tough. We see it all around us. Far better to be a calm voice of reason in a sea of uncertainty. 

When you do manage to make it outside for your essential trips, make sure you treat everyone you meant with warmth and compassion. Treat all you meet with a smile or a wave. Offer a kind word to the hard-working people who serve you. 

If you want to go the extra mile, send a personalized thank you note to any of the local businesses you frequent. You’d be amazed at how far a little kindness can go.

Here at Central Plains Bat Removal, we are doing our part to alleviate the stress and anxiety that most of our friends and neighbors are experiencing. We are taking extra precautions to ensure all of our employees are staying safe and keeping our clients safe. 

Every team that goes out on a job is issued gloves and special face masks. We are expanding our service hours to 24 hours a day, and we have hired extra staff, so we can promptly handle your bat problems.

Our community is important to us. We know we will get through this challenging period if we work together.