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Our prices are competitive with other companies out there, but what sets us apart is our commitment to excellence. We work hard to ensure that every job is done right the first time because no one wants to deal with bats again!



To determine the pricing of bat removal services, we will first discuss your bat problem over the phone. We will ask you a couple of questions to get an idea of what to expect. Then we will schedule an appointment where our expert comes to your home for a complimentary inspection. A Central Plains Bat Removal professional will examine your structure and determine how to remove the bats safely.

During this free consultation appointment, the expert will provide you with a cost estimate of services. Pricing can vary from house to house. Pricing is affected by the materials used in the home as well as the age and building structure.


At Central Plains Bat Removal, we are proud of the quality of the work that we do. We want to humanely remove bats from your property, but we also want to keep them from coming back.

With over twenty years in business, the team has built a reputation on professionalism, value, trust, and unmatched service. One way we have built up our reputation is by offering warranties on our expert bat removal services.

Warranty information will be given to you along with a price estimate at the end of your free inspection. As with pricing, warranties vary from building to building and home to home. No bat removal scenario is the same, and many variables play a role in price and warranty calculations.

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