Central Plains
Bat Removal


Eastern South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Eastern Nebraska


Western South Dakota, Eastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska.

Our Team

Lexi Hossle

Nick’s wife Lexi handles all of West River SD and Eastern Wyoming Territories accounting and day-to-day operations.  Lexi is a daughter of Jill Kolb. Making Central Plains Bat Removal a family based business.

Lexi is a graduate of South Dakota State University with a degree in

Human Development and Family Studies, and a minor in Agriculture Business.  Lexi is going on for her Master’s in school counseling -grades k-12. Lexi is super personal and can get you answers quick if you run into any situation that needs bat attention.

Nick Hossle

Nick is a partner in West River SD and Eastern Wyoming Territory.  Nick has worked with John and Jill for the last 3 summers in the bat removal business. Nick was born and raised in Hamill, SD -on the ranch. Nick is a graduate of South Dakota State University with a degree in Agriculture Science and a minor in Agriculture Business. Nick is also an Aerospace Propulsion Technician in the Air National Guard. Nick enjoys the great outdoors, and a multitude of sports.

Jill Kolb

John’s wife, Jill, who is co-owner of Central Plains Bat Removal, is vital to the administration and day-to-day operations. She’s very knowledgeable and personable, and for any question you have, she’s got the answer.

John Kolb

John has been in the bat removal business since 2005, traveling throughout the central plains to get the job done. Before making bats his livelihood, John was in the home-building industry, and it was during this time that he saw the need for safe bat removal.

John takes pride in safely removing bats from your home or business. He’ll give you a free consultation at your home or business, where he will diagnose your situation and provide a full assessment based on his findings. Then, you’ll get a customized proposal, as each bat removal job is unique.

John’s experience and knowledge will ensure that you receive quality, trustworthy service from start to finish.

Sean Clarke

Sean spent 16 years in construction in Sioux Falls, SD, before getting into the bat removal business in 2009. He and John are a first-rate team. You’ll meet Sean once John finishes his assessment and you’re ready for bat removal.

Sean enjoys working outdoors and, with his experience in both construction and bat removal, he will perform the procedures necessary to remove the bats from your property.

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