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If you’re interested in learning more about our bat removal services, or maybe even just bats in general, our blog is a great place to start! We’ve got tons of valuable information on our blog to answer your bat questions.

Our Favorite Bat Crafts for 2018

Halloween felt crafts of bats.

Like bats? Often feared, bats are fascinating creatures. Kids love learning about bats. You and your preschooler can decorate your entire home with bats of all kinds for the Halloween season and beyond.

Before you begin, we suggest reviewing some facts about bats to help your child learn more about them. Here are some to get started:

  • Bats are flying mammals
  • They use echolocation to see, and they are nocturnal, so they are most active at night
  • There are more than one thousand species of bat
  • Bat excrement is called “guano.”
  • Many bats can live for over twenty years
  • Bats can eat fruit and insects, and they can control insect populations
  • Only a specific type of bat will drink blood, but it does exist (vampire bats)
  • Bats live alone, in caves, or (unfortunately) in your attic

Before you begin making your menagerie of bats, you will need the following materials. We’ve selected a bunch of crafts which use the same stuff for construction.

You’ll need:

  • Black non-toxic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Non-toxic craft glue
  • Cup of water (for cleaning brushes)
  • Googly eyes (with adhesive bottoms)
  • Construction paper
  • Safety scissors
  • String
  • Stapler
  • A smock to keep your clothes clean
  • Plastic tablecloth to protect your table

Kids should only create the first two magnificent bat crafts for preschoolers under the supervision of an adult since most of these crafts require scissors, staplers, and messy materials.

Paper Plate Bat Craft

Cute family setting the decor for party, mommy with two small blond kids in decorated nice room at home, bricks, wood, loft style, bats, spider nets, carved pumpkins on windows.

You can make a paper plate bat craft to hang. This one looks great on the fridge, but you can also hang it on a nail or a tack. Here’s how to make it happen:

Color the plate: Begin with your paper plate. Paint one side of it with black paint entirely. Make sure you get all those white spots around the edges.

Cut out bat ears: While you wait for your paint to dry, cut out two triangle-shaped bat ears.

Cut out bat wings: Two larger triangles will serve as your bat wings! Make sure you cut those out as well.

Add the eyes: After the paint dries, add the eyes. Peel back the paper on the back of them and stick them where you want them. The goofier, the better: some bats are cute!

Add bat ears: Remember those bat ears you cut out? Now it’s time to affix them to the back of the plate with glue. Press them with your finger for about twenty seconds to make sure they stick.

Include bat wings: Affix your bat wings, making sure you also press firmly to ensure they stay.

Add a string: When your craft project has dried, staple a string to the back of the plate. You can hang it on a magnet, tack, or nail. Voila! It’s a bat plate.

Clothespin bats

halloween hand made craft bookmars on craft sticks in a book.

Clothespin bats are the cutest because you can pin them on an unsuspecting victim. We recommend family members for this! While people shouldn’t be as afraid of bats as they are, the cuteness is a good reminder.

This is also an excellent project to do in batches because the clothespin bats are pretty small.

Paint the clothespin: Begin by painting your clothespin all black, just like most bats (some are brown, though).

Cut bat wings: Cut two small, triangle-shaped bat wings while you are waiting for your paint to dry.

Add googly eyes: Once your craft project is dry, go ahead and stick some googly eyes on it.

Add bat wings: Glue those triangles on so they look like wings.

Clip on an unsuspecting victim: Clip your project on a family member or friend. You can also leave it somewhere fun, like in a drawer, for someone to discover. Display your bat by clipping it somewhere creative. Place it on a picture frame or an artificial plant for extra effect.

Cardboard Tube Bats

Bat made out of toilet paper, black cardstock wings and googly eyes

Make the body: Paint a toilet paper roll entirely black.

Cut out fun wings: Cut those fun wing shapes.

Add googly eyes: You know what to do by now: toss those googly eyes on to your cardboard bat. It’s simply adorable but also a bit terrifying.

Glue the wing shapes on: Make sure you press firmly to ensure they stick.

You can hang this bat using the string and staple method, but black pipe cleaners work just as well. These fun friends are great to hang from cabinet handles. Where will you stick them?

Make Bats out of Shapes

tinker small Halloween bat figure made of chestnut and paper. scissors and fire match aside.

Do you know that a lot of art is really based on shapes? Sometimes artists draw figures by sketching shapes at first; not just human figures, but animal ones as well. What a great way for a preschooler to learn how to depict bats!

Circles: Circles make the bat’s body and head. Think of it as a snowman! They’re also useful when it comes to making bat eyes. (You may need some white construction paper here as well unless you want to default to the googly eyes for help.)

Triangles: Triangles make the best bat wings and the cutest bat feet.

Squares: You can also hide half a square to make it look like a triangle if you need to. Gluing ears on like this might work best.

After you decide how you want your shape bat to look, assemble it! How many different unique bats can you make given the shapes you know?

What Should You Do if You See Real Bats in the Home?

Halloween Cookies, decorated as pumpkin, bat, and skeleton.

Have you seen a bat entering or exiting your home? Bats can be crafts, but a real hanging bat can also be crafty!

Bats love dark locations easily accessible by the sky—like the attic. If you think you saw bats in your home, it’s time to call Central Plains Bat Removal for an inspection. We can assess the bat situation from there, and recommend the right course of action. In the meantime, we’re happy to educate about bats and provide these fun-filled Halloween craft ideas for your preschooler. If you notice bats, don’t panic! Give us a call for your assessment.