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Vermillion, SD is one of the best cities in South Dakota to live. Beautifully situated on the banks
of the Missouri River, Vermillion offers residents and visitors a vast array of arts, history, and
heritage to enjoy. There are parks, theatres, high-quality schools and more that make this town

With a historic downtown and exciting events like the South Dakota Shakespeare Festival, you
will find things to do year round. Vermillion, SD attracts visitors from across the state and
country, and the thriving economy beckons new residents.

Bats are among the many creatures that call Vermillion, SD home. While these flying creatures
might be scary or annoying to some people, bats are essential to our ecosystem and protected
by the government.

If you live in Vermillion, SD and have seen bats in or around your home, it is best to call a
professional service like Central Plains Bat Removal. The experts at Central Plains have years
of experience working with bats humanely and releasing them to a safe place. Call us today for
a free quote.

Bats in Vermillion

Living in Vermillion means you have likely seen a bat, or know someone who has. Bats are
common in Vermillion, as well as around the world. There are more than 1,000 different species
of bats, and they make up about a quarter of the mammal species on earth.

Bats in the Central Plains region are essential to our ecosystem. If you have seen one, it is likely
a little brown bat or a big brown bat. These two species of bats are the most common in the
area. Both of these species eat insects, like moths, beetles, wasps, flies, and mosquitoes. Bats
are beneficial to humans in that they eat many of the pests we don’t like.

However, just because they provide a service to humans, that doesn’t mean we want them in
our houses and businesses. Having bats in a home is a huge annoyance. While you are not at
significant risk for rabies or other diseases, like many people mistakenly assume, you probably
don’t want bats living with you. Contrary to popular lore, bats don’t carry rabies, and only three
species are considered vampire bats.

When bats roost in your attic, they can be troublesome with the noises they make and with the
smell from their droppings. Plus, a build-up of guano can add weight in your attic that you don’t
want. It can pose dangers if left to accumulate.

Bats prefer dark, drafty, and elevated places in which to roost. Because they sleep during the
day and leave their young along certain times of the year, bats want a place they feel safe.
Unfortunately, an attic fits the bill in many cases.

Most bats, and especially the species in South Dakota, eat insects. Bats eat so many insects
that farmers can use fewer pesticides trying to keep pests from their crops. Bats also eat fruit,
and in doing so aid in pollination. We reap the benefits of bat diets.

While bats do play a vital role in our ecosystem, there are many misconceptions about them.
Humans benefit from learning more about bats. We shouldn’t see a bat and assume it is a
bloodthirsty creature that carries rabies. Humans do not need to be afraid of bats. Being scared
of something often means we don’t make the best decisions regarding it.

If you have seen bats in or around your home, you don’t need to be afraid. Remember that bats
have legal protection, and it is against the law to kill them. Bats rarely bite humans, but you
should not try to handle them yourself.

Bats can be a nuisance, and it is smart to remove them from your property. However, call the
experts at Central Plains if you think you have an infestation.

Do You Have Bats in Your Vermillion Home?

If you live in Vermillion, SD and think you might have bats, you are not alone. Many people in
the area have trusted Central Plains Bat Removal to take care of their bat problems. We safely
exclude bats from your home and can relocate them to a proper environment.

Bats prefer dark and quiet areas, like your attic. They sleep during the day and hunt at night.
You might hear scratching or squeaking noises coming from the attic, or you may smell their
droppings. If you are outside at the right time around dusk, you could even see bats leaving
your attic.

If you have seen any of these obvious signs, don’t worry. Call the professionals like the friendly
team at Central Plains Bat Removal as soon as you can.

Professional Bat Removal in Vermillion, SD

The experts at Central Plains Bat Removal have extensive experience in bat exclusion for
homeowners throughout South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota. Customer service is
incredibly important to us so you can trust us with your home and family.

During removals or exclusions, we take every precaution to ensure that both the bats and your
home are safe. We return them to nature and make sure they can’t get back into your house.
If you want experts you can trust, call Central Plains Bat Removal today. We offer free quotes
before any work begins. We want to return bats where they belong; in nature and not your attic.
Give Central Plains Bat Removal a call today.