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If you have bats in your building, we can help! Our team serves 16 cities and 6 states. We provide humane, eco-friendly bat removal services for residential and commercial buildings.

Rapid City

rapid city sd

If you live in Rapid City, you know how beautiful the area is. The city is perfectly situated in the pines of the Black Hills. There are parks and monuments to enjoy, as well as exciting attractions all over the area.

Rapid City, and the Black Hills, in general, are a fantastic place to call home. While the weather might dip into the cold extremes some, overall the temperatures are relatively mild year round. The average high temperature in January and February is 34 degrees with an average snowfall of five inches.

Everyone lives for the incredible summer. After getting through the potentially snowy spring in March, the temperatures level out in the 70s in the summer with only a few inches of rain. Whether you enjoy winter activities or summer fun, you will find things to do all year in Rapid City and the Black Hills.

Something else that loves the Rapid City area is bats. Though these fascinating little creatures sometimes get a bad rap, they are unique and play a vital role in our ecosystem. Bats find their way into homes and buildings throughout the Rapid City area year round.

If you live in the Rapid City area and think you might have bats, call Central Plains Bat Removal. We specialize in humanely removing bats and ensuring they stay out. We offer a free quote before we ever complete any work.

Bats in Rapid City

If you live in Rapid City, you have most likely seen a bat or several. They are common in the area. Bats play a vital role in the ecosystem and provide many benefits to the people, animals, and vegetation in the Black Hills.

However, no matter how much good they do, you do not want them in your attic. Bats can be bothersome with noise, plus their droppings will create an unsavory smell in your home. The added weight from bats and their guano could pose an unsafe risk to your home, as well.

Bats will find a way into your home and make themselves comfortable in a short period. They are looking for a dark, quiet place to roost during the day before they come out at night to find food.

Bats primary food source is insects. Because they eliminate so many insects in the area, farmers reap a huge benefit by using less pesticide. Bats also enjoy eating fruit. When they eat fruit, they assist in pollinating fruit trees and flowers. Without bats, our ecosystem would suffer. Bat diets greatly benefit our ecosystem.

However, bats are misunderstood by many, if not most, people. Bats are incredibly fascinating animals; read here for some facts. Humans see a bat and assume they are disease-ridden and mean, but this is far from the truth. Because humans are often scared of bats, they don’t consider the best ways to remove these bats from dwellings.

If you have bats in your home or on your property, you have no reason to fear as long as you are cautious. It is extremely rare for a human to get bitten by a bat, or to contract rabies. These are myths that continue to circulate out of fear.

While you should take precautions and not touch bats, you are safe being around them. They are a nuisance, and it is wise to take steps to remove them from your home. The best way to remove bats is by calling a professional, like Central Plains Bat Removal.

Do You Have Bats in Your Rapid City Home?

If you think you might have bats in your home in Rapid City or the surrounding areas, there are some things you can examine. Bats prefer dark, quiet places, like attics. Bats like elevated areas that provide safety while they sleep during the day.

However, bat colonies can grow quite large. The combination of the weight from the bats and any droppings they leave beneath them can pose a danger to the structural integrity of your home. Plus, guano does not smell appealing and can be a biohazard.

If you notice a smell or see the guano, this is a good sign you have bats. You might also hear faint sounds coming from a particular area of your home. Listen for scratching or squeaking. Upon investigation, you might even see some furry, little bats yourself. Also, depending on when you are looking, you might find bat babies.

If you happen to find bats or the tell-tale signs of bats, don’t panic. Remember, these animals are incredibly beneficial to humans and the ecosystem. Bats are protected under the law so you should never attempt to remove them by killing them. Call a professional immediately to discuss the best way to remove bats from your home.

Professional Bat Removal in Rapid City, SD

At Central Plains Bat Removal, we have years of experience safely and humanely removing bats from dwellings and buildings all over South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota. We pride ourselves on our customer service, so you can feel comfortable trusting us with your home and the safety of your family.

When we remove bats, we take every step possible to ensure they are safe, and that our environmental impact is small. We return them to nature where they can find a new home and continue their role in helping our ecosystem. We will also help ensure bats won’t be able to find a home inside your home again.

If you have bats and want a professional with integrity that you can trust, call Central Plains Bat Removal today. We will provide you with a free quote, so you know what to expect up front. We have the experience to remove a bat colony while protecting your home and your family.

Bats belong in nature, not in your attic. Let us help you relocate bats to where they belong. You will appreciate our exceptional customer service, and not having bats in your home anymore. If you live in the Rapid City area, let us take care of your and any bats you might have.