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Living in Pierre, SD has all the advantages of a small city combined with the importance of the state capital. With only about 14,000 residents, Pierre is the second-smallest state capital in the United States, behind Montpelier, Vermont.

But despite its small population, there is plenty to do in Pierre, especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Take a picnic over to LaFramboise Island Nature Area and enjoy the lush greenery and views of the Missouri River. Spend some time boating on Lake Oahe, or visit the Oahe Dam. There are 51 recreational areas around the dam, so there is plenty to explore. Whether you like hiking, biking, birding, hunting, or fishing, you can find it along the river and lake.

And not everyone who lives in Pierre is a policy wonk. While the state government is the largest employer, Pierre is also home to the world’s largest Menards home improvement store. For those NASCAR fans, you might spot John Paul Menard’s No. 21 Ford Mustang on a visit.

Among the businesses located in Pierre, you’ll find Central Plains Bat Removal. Locally owned and operated, the company specializes in helping you safely, humanely, and effectively remove bats from your home or business.

Why do we need a bat removal business in Pierre? The city enjoys four distinct seasons in its rural location, surrounded by plains and wooded spaces. The area is home to 11 different types of bats, from the smaller reddish-brown bat to the unique silver-haired bat and the thickly-furred hoary bat. It is not uncommon for a bat to find its way into your attic or walls when looking for a place to roost or sleep away the winter.

Helping You With Your Bat Control or Removal Needs

As your local partner for all things bat-related, Central Plains Bat Removal is here when you need us. We can help you with:

  • Home inspections to look for signs of bats in your walls or attic. Sometimes you have bats and don’t even know it.
  • Helping you understand the regulations and laws about bats. It’s illegal to kill them or disturb them during hibernation or maternity.
  • Advice and installation to seal your home so that you keep bats and other critters outside where they belong.
  • Safe and permanent bat exclusion to remove the bats without killing them.
  • Bat habitat cleanup to remove guano and urine and other debris after the bats leave.
  • Installation of bat houses to offer an alternative place for the animals to roost once we exclude them from your home.

Why Bats Love Pierre

There is plenty of food in Pierre in the late spring and summer months. All bats in South Dakota are insectivores. They catch their food mid-flight and devour thousands of bugs each night. Bats are essential to the ecosystem since they help control the insect population. This also makes it more comfortable for you to live here.

These bug eaters also benefit the farmers and major agribusiness here in South Dakota. Many insects are harmful to crops, in addition to being annoying to humans. With bats around, farmers can use fewer pesticides, which helps save them time and money and is also good for humans who eat the crops.

You might be surprised just how many bugs a bat can eat. Every night, bats consume about one-third of their body weight! There is one type of bat that eats 600 mosquitoes in an hour. Another can eat 1,200 bugs in the same period. Together, bats consume hundreds of thousands of tons of insects every year.

It’s a good thing, too, because the Great Plains area has plenty of bugs to go around. The Missouri River provides ideal breeding grounds for insects, so the bug population can get pretty big. To bats, an abundance of bugs means a plentiful amount of food, and that’s good for them, even if it’s not your favorite.

After the first hard frost, the bats’ food supply dries up, and the animals have two choices for surviving the winter: hibernate or migrate. A few South Dakota bats migrate south to warmer climates, but most hole up to sleep through the winter. As the weather cools, it is the most common time for bats to find their way into people’s homes or businesses.

Trust us; bats don’t want to be around humans. They’re quite happy in their caves, and trees, and crevices, and overhangs. But with deforestation and clear-cutting of land for development and roads, bats can end up without a place to roost or sleep through the winter.

We’re Here to Help

If you have a small hole or crack in your soffit or eaves or around a vent, bats can make their way in. Bats are typically social. So where there is one, there is often a colony. If bats have come into your home for the winter, you’ll need to leave them there to hibernate. Once they become active again in the spring, call us at Central Plains Bat Removal. We will help lure them out at dusk and keep them from being able to get back into your home after they have fed for the night.

With our location right here in town, we’re never far from Pierre residents. Support a local business and let us help you take care of any wayward bats. The chances are that here in Pierre you’ll encounter them at some point. Give us a call when you do. We’re happy to help.

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