Fargo, ND

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Are you concerned you may have bats in your Fargo home? Maybe you hear scratching or squeaking coming from your attic. Bats looking for a warm place to live could have mistaken overhangs on your home as an invitation to move in. Continue reading to learn more about what Central Plains Bat Removal (now serving Fargo […]

Des Moines

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Are you hearing a strange scratching sound in your attic and you’re worried that a colony of bats has decided to call your attic home? You’re not alone; plenty of families in Des Moines find out each year that they’ve been sharing a house with these ingenious flying mammals. Keep reading to find out more […]


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Have you ever come across a bat flying around at night? Maybe while you were enjoying a fun evening at Yankton’s Riverboat Days? Were you scared when you imagined it would attack you with its vampire teeth? Fun fact: most bats are not vampire bats, and they don’t even live in North America.  You probably […]


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Are There Bats in your Brookings SD Attic? If you can hear weird scratching sounds in your attic, there is a possibility that you have bats under your roof. Bats are not an uncommon occurrence, as many families in Brookings have the same problem. Luckily, we have what you need to get rid of your […]

Sioux City

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Bats can be a stubborn and annoying pest to have hiding in your attic and other nooks and crannies of your home. Chances are, like most unwanted critters in your house, if you see one, there’s a lot more. While bats aren’t dangerous to humans and don’t try to attack, they should be removed safely […]