Worthington Minnesota

People are not the only things who call Worthington, MN home. If you live in Worthington, you know countless animals share this plot of Earth with you. One of the most dreaded, it seems, are bats. Bats carry with them a bad reputation. People are scared of them, and usually for reasons that aren’t true. […]


Luverne mn

Bats are amazing creatures. Don’t believe us? Consider all they do for our ecosystem. Bats are pollinators, plus they eat so many bugs they save farmers billions of dollars each year. Just because bats are useful does not mean you want them in your home or business. If you live in Luverne and have noticed […]


pipestone mn

Pipestone, MN. Many people who hear this might draw a blank. If you live in Pipestone, you know it’s more than another small town in Minnesota. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Pipestone National Monument. This unique place is responsible for the catlinite that makes ceremonial pipes that Native Americans […]


Marshall MN

If you live in Marshall, MN, you chose this area for a reason. The seasons are ever-changing and bring with them new and exciting things. From the warm sun and lakes in the summer to the snow and winter sports in the cold months, there is always something to do in the area. However, if […]



Vermillion, SD is one of the best cities in South Dakota to live. Beautifully situated on the banks of the Missouri River, Vermillion offers residents and visitors a vast array of arts, history, and heritage to enjoy. There are parks, theatres, high-quality schools and more that make this town spectacular. With a historic downtown and […]


gillette wyoming bat removal

Gillette, Wyoming is a wonderful place to call home. Between the snowy white winters and the beautiful spring flowers, there is always something amazing to see. Whether you enjoy a walk on a warm afternoon or playing in the snow, you are sure to find something to do. The average temperature never gets above 90 […]


peirre sd bat removal

Living in Pierre, SD has all the advantages of a small city combined with the importance of the state capital. With only about 14,000 residents, Pierre is the second-smallest state capital in the United States, behind Montpelier, Vermont. But despite its small population, there is plenty to do in Pierre, especially if you’re an outdoor […]

Rapid City

rapid city sd

If you live in Rapid City, you know how beautiful the area is. The city is perfectly situated in the pines of the Black Hills. There are parks and monuments to enjoy, as well as exciting attractions all over the area. Rapid City, and the Black Hills, in general, are a fantastic place to call […]


mitchell sd corn palace

Bats are a common sight in the Mitchell, South Dakota area. While they are an essential part of the ecosystem and are beneficial in many ways, having bats living in your attic is not an ideal situation. Whether during the hot and humid summers, or cold and snowy winters, bats can find their way into […]