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If you have bats in your building, we can help! Our team serves 16 cities and 6 states. We provide humane, eco-friendly bat removal services for residential and commercial buildings.

Fargo, ND

Are you concerned you may have bats in your Fargo home? Maybe you hear scratching or squeaking coming from your attic. Bats looking for a warm place to live could have mistaken overhangs on your home as an invitation to move in. Continue reading to learn more about what Central Plains Bat Removal (now serving Fargo North Dakota) can do for you.

Signs You May Have Bats

  • Seeing a bat (obviously)- this could mean you have more bats in your living space
  • Scratching, squeaking/clicking, flapping sounds
  • Bat droppings (guano)
  • Dark stains near eaves, overhangs, or other openings into your home
  • Foul smells, like ammonia

Why You Might Have Bats

Bats are shy, intelligent mammals that, generally, eat insects, small animals, and fruits/plants. Bats are not violent or aggressive and won’t attack people. Learn more myths and facts here.

Bats often choose to move into attics as they try to find a warm, safe place to live during the cold winter months. Since bats don’t migrate like birds, they need to find a space in the environment where they already live.

Bats are nocturnal and will hunt at night, returning to their roosts during the day. Bats rid your neighborhood of pesky insects that can bite humans and destroy plants. They eat thousands of insects each night; insects carry diseases that are harmful to humans.

Bats can also carry seeds in their guano, causing the distribution of plants. This helps increase the amount and health of the vegetation in our city. Learn more about bat pollination here.

As a result, produce prices can be lowered due to less destruction by insects and more distribution of plants. Pollination from plants further away can also increase hardiness of plants in your area. Bats are helpful little animals, in the right dwellings.

Another way bats can be helpful is that chemicals in bats’ saliva and droppings can be used for medical advancements that will help humans, but bats are endangered and need to be protected. Yes, even in Fargo!

More fun facts: Mother bats live together to take care of their babies. Unlike many mammals who have multiple young at a time, bats typically only have one baby a year, with each mom taking care of her little one for up to 6 months.

Bat moms feed their baby milk while wrapping their wings around them for protection. Mom leaves her baby while she hunts at night, but she always returns. She knows where she left him and can pick him out of the colony of babies by his smell and sound.

Why Having Bats Is A Problem

Bats can be harmful and destructive. Like all mammals, bats can acquire rabies and other diseases which can harm humans who come into contact with a sick bat. Bat guano can also carry histoplasmosis. People inhaling the spores can become ill. It’s important to call professionals when a situation causes you to come into contact with bats.

Any wild animal living in a human enclosure can cause damage, and bats are no different. Mites living on the bats can infest your home and guano can pile up, soaking through the structures of your home and causing a foul smell.

What Should Be Done

With all of the benefits bats provide, you may be thinking that you would like to keep them around. Bats are helpful creatures, essential to a healthy environment, and endangered. However, there is a way to keep the benefits of bats without harmful effects to your home.

It’s important to take care of a bat infestation in a safe and humane manner. Bats should be carefully removed from your home.

Central Plains Bat Removal

Having found a safe, cozy space in your attic, bats are not going to be easily removed. In order to successfully, completely, and safely remove bats from your home, you will need the help of caring professionals.

The experts at Central Plains Bat Removal can help. After you contact them, they will address your bat problem by…

  • Confirming you have bats in your home
  • Identifying the bats (North Dakota has 7 species of bats)
  • Locating bat entrances into your home
  • Sealing bat entrances to prevent future use
  • Installing a “bat exclusion system” to prevent future infestations
  • Removing guano

Fun Fact: Our experts will work through the night while the bats are out hunting.

How You Can Help

Bats typically live in forested areas, but if you would like to keep these amazing insect-eating, pollinating creatures in your neighborhood, you can build a bat box in your backyard. Bat boxes can also be purchased. As forests are dwindling, bat boxes may be a good way to help slow the extinction of bats.

If you suspect bats are living in your home, contact our professionals at Central Plains Bat Removal of Fargo. We are happy to help relocate these natural insect exterminators and pollinators, leaving your home bat free.