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Worthington Minnesota

People are not the only things who call Worthington, MN home. If you live in Worthington, you know countless animals share this plot of Earth with you.

One of the most dreaded, it seems, are bats. Bats carry with them a bad reputation. People are scared of them, and usually for reasons that aren’t true.

Bats are actually some of the most useful animals on the planet. They pollinate plants and eat insects. Think about it; if you have been around a bat colony, there likely were not as many bugs as other places.

Worthington is a wonderful place to call home. What many people who don’t know better think of as a highway intersection, people who live in Worthington know the truth. Living in this great town brings friendly faces, delicious food, and an amazing community.

Bats are amazing creatures. Don’t believe us? Consider all they do for our ecosystem. Bats are pollinators, plus they eat so many bugs they save farmers billions of dollars each year.

Just because bats are useful does not mean you want them in your home or business. If you live in Luverne and have noticed bats or think you might have them, Central Plains Bat Removal can help.

If you have bats as neighbors (or roommates) and you want help safely removing them, call Central Plains Bat Removal today. We have years of experience serving customers throughout Minnesota and the Central Plains.

Bats in Worthington, MN

It is not uncommon for people to be scared of bats. Even if they don’t scare you, you likely don’t want them hanging around your home or business. 

This fact is mainly due to their reputation as blood-suckers, and disease-carriers bats have. While the idea of any animal sucking a human’s blood and simultaneously giving them rabies is scary, bats don’t actually live up to the hype.

There are thousands of species of bats. Of all of the thousands of types of bats, only three have blood as part of their diet. These vampire bats prefer the warmer weather of Mexico and South America. Furthermore, they prefer large livestock as their primary source of food, not humans.

If you see a bat in Worthington, MN, it is improbable that bat sees you or your blood as a food source. They might see your attic as a warm, dark, and inviting place to sleep during the day, but that is about it.

Another thing most people think of when it comes to bats is that they will give you rabies or some other disease. While it is true that bats can carry rabies, it is not true that every bat has the disease, or any disease.

Bats do not carry rabies with any more frequency than any other mammal. You should never attempt to handle a bat if you see one, but the chances of it giving you diseases are extremely low.

Not only are bats not dangerous to humans, but they are also actually beneficial. Bats pollinate many plants that humans need and love. Among the favorites are bananas and mangoes. Next time you’re making banana bread, you can thank a bat.

Bats also love insects. Bats eat so many insects that farmers save billions of dollars each year in pesticides. Without bats, our food would be more expensive and have more chemicals.

Do You Have Bats?

You might have bats and not even know it. Bats are not loud animals, and they are not necessarily obvious. You might be sharing your attic unknowingly!

When you investigate for bats, you want to remember that they are protected, and you should not handle them in any way. Bats prefer places that are secluded, dark, and quiet to sleep during the day. Attics fit the bill perfectly.

Most bats are nocturnal, meaning they sleep during the day and come out at night. 

If you think you have bats, the best thing you can do is look for their guano, or poop. Bats sleep hanging from the ceiling or rafters during the day, and their poop falls to the ground below them. Finding poop is the best sign you have a bat infestation.

Bats are generally only visible at dawn and dusk when they are entering or leaving their roost. At night, they are extremely hard to see against the night sky. If you are outside at the right time, you might see them going out for the night or coming back in.

While it is unlikely a bat will bite you or make you sick, you should always call a professional if you see bats in your home or business in Worthington. Central Plains Bat Removal has the experience and ability to safely and humanely remove bats, so you don’t have to.

Call Central Plains Bat Removal Today

If you have looked around and seen the signs of bats, call Central Plains Bat Removal today. If you live in Worthington and think you might have bats but aren’t sure, we will come out and do an inspection. 

If we find bats, we will safely remove them from your property. We guarantee the bats stay gone. If they don’t, our job is not done, and we will come back to finish the job. Trust us with your home, and we will get your attic bat-free.