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If you have bats in your building, we can help! Our team serves 16 cities and 6 states. We provide humane, eco-friendly bat removal services for residential and commercial buildings.


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Central Plains Bat Removal Provides Safe and Easy Bat Removal Services to Minneapolis, MN Residents

Your Minneapolis, MN, home is a safe, cozy space for you and your family. When bats infiltrate your house, it can feel threatening. 

Even though bats are useful creatures to have around, living with them — and their droppings — isn’t fun for anyone. It’s best to get help removing them safely and humanely so you and your family can relax and enjoy your home again!

That’s when it’s time to call Central Plains Bat Removal. We are a family-owned and operated business that has served satisfied customers throughout the Central Midwest United States, including in Minneapolis and other parts of Minnesota.

Central Plans Bat Removal services more than just homes. Here are some other places that have called us for bat removal services in the Minneapolis or Central Midwest area:

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Businesses

Even if you’re not sure you’ve got a bat, we can help. Our team of bat removal specialists knows all the signs of bat activity, and we can help identify if bats are getting into your home or business.

Humane Bat Removal in Minneapolis, MN

The founder of Central Plains Bat Removal has over 15 years of experience removing bats from homes and businesses. Even better? He uses humane techniques only, so the removed bats are returned to the surrounding area where they can resume their rightful role in the natural ecosystem.

Our team understands the habits of bats, and we know how to look for common entry points. We’ll work with you to identify these and seal these gaps, and then we’ll use a humane device to remove the bat (or bats).

We use a gadget called an exclusion device, which allows bats to leave your home but not re-enter it. If you’ve sealed off the bats’ other entry points, your home will be bat free once the bats fly out through an exclusion device.

It’s Time to Call Central Plains Bat Removal

Got a bat in your Minneapolis home or business? Don’t try to get rid of a bat yourself. They can carry diseases, and it’s best to leave this work to those with experience.

Contact Central Plains Bat Removal and let us help. Our commitment to service ensures that you will be satisfied with the results. Our team of bat removal experts can help figure out if you have bats, and we can safely and humanely remove them if you do.