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Marshall MN

If you live in Marshall, MN, you chose this area for a reason. The seasons are ever-changing and bring with them new and exciting things. From the warm sun and lakes in the summer to the snow and winter sports in the cold months, there is always something to do in the area.

However, if you have lived in Marshall for long, there are many varieties of wildlife that call the area home. Most notably, and often most scary, is bats.

People think of bats and think of rabies and vampires. However, bats have not earned this reputation. Bats are incredibly beneficial to our ecosystem. Even though bats play an essential role, they belong in nature.

Sometimes, however, they find their way into homes and businesses in Marshall, MN.

If you live in Marshall and think you have bats, you’re not alone. At Central Plains Bat Removal, we have safely and humanely removed bats from residences and businesses. We serve customers in Minnesota and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free quote.

Bats in Marshall, MN

If you don’t have bats in your home or business, you probably know someone who does. Bats are a common occurrence in Marshall. Even though bats have a bad reputation, it’s a good thing bats call the area home.

However, just because we want bats around doesn’t mean we want them in our homes. Bats belong in nature, but sometimes they make their way into our attics.

Bats are nocturnal, so they look for safe and quiet places that are elevated where they can sleep during the day. Your attic or barn is often an ideal roost for a colony of bats.

Bats sometimes live in colonies of only a few members, but other colonies can reach the millions. Thankfully, these are rare and likely nothing you have to worry about.

The vast majority of bats either rely on insects or fruit for their primary source of food. Bats eat so many insects that farmers don’t have to rely on the use of pesticides as much. Fewer pesticides save farmers billions of dollars annually, plus make our food healthier.

Bats also eat fruit. In the process of collecting and eating food, bats drop seeds for new plants in other areas. These new plants have a higher chance of thriving away from the tree their seed came from. Bats are credited with growing some of our favorite foods, like bananas.

Not only are bats not dangerous, predatory animals, but they are also quite fascinating. Take some time to learn about them. Read here for some facts children will have fun learning.

Bats are endangered animals and need to be protected. The best way you can do this is to leave them alone. If you see a bat in or near your home, call the professionals at Central Plains Bat Removal.

Do You Have Bats?

There are a few things to look for if you think you might have bats on your property. Bats are mostly active at dusk and dawn. If you are outside at the right time in the right place, you will see bats entering or exiting their roost to look for food or return home. Seeing a bat leave or enter your home is a confirmed sign you have bats.

Bats don’t make much noise during the day, but you might notice some scratching or squeaking. Just because you don’t hear anything does not mean there are no bats, though.

The best thing to look for is guano, or bat poop. When bats hang during the day to sleep, their droppings fall below them. Because guano is poop, it brings with it an unsavory smell. Too much guano can add weight that will jeopardize the integrity of your home and attic, as well.

Many people use guano as fertilizer, but it is not intended to sit in your attic. If you see guano or bats, you should call the experts at Central Plains Bat Removal right away. Please do not attempt to handle bats or their droppings on your own.

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If you think you have bats, you want a company you can trust to remove them. Central Plains Bat Removal is that company.

We have years of experience working with customers throughout the Central Plains. We have helped people in Minnesota but also in South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

At Central Plains Bat Removal, we strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. We offer a free quote before any work is done, so you know what to expect. We also guarantee our work. If bats come back, we come back, too.

When we remove bats, we take precautions to protect your home and the bats. We will safely return bats to nature where they belong. Then, we will ensure that bats can’t get back into your home.

Call Central Plains Bat Removal today. We treat you like family because we know how important family is. Let us prove to you how much we care.