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If you have bats in your building, we can help! Our team serves 16 cities and 6 states. We provide humane, eco-friendly bat removal services for residential and commercial buildings.


Bats are amazing creatures. Don’t believe us? Consider all they do for our ecosystem. Bats are pollinators, plus they eat so many bugs they save farmers billions of dollars each year.

Just because bats are useful does not mean you want them in your home or business. If you live in Luverne and have noticed bats or think you might have them, Central Plains Bat Removal can help.

Luverne is a unique city with wonderful people. To many outsiders, the first thing people think about when they hear Luverne is The War by Ken Burns. Luverne was one of the four towns profiled in the documentary.

But for those lucky enough to call Luverne home, it is no secret what a great place it is. From the beautiful sights to the friendly people, Luverne is one of a kind.

We have years of experience humanely removing bats from homes and businesses throughout the Central Plains. We understand that bats are important, but we also understand that they don’t belong in your attic.

Bats in Luverne, MN

Bats have a bad reputation. When most people think of bats, they think of vampires or disease. While some bats carry disease and some do suck blood, the vast majority of bats are completely harmless to you and your family.

In fact, only three species of bats are considered “vampire bats” and suck blood. Even if you were near one of these species, you would not have to worry. The few species that drink blood primarily target large livestock and don’t bother humans.

Furthermore, while most people think just being near a bat will give you rabies, that is highly unlikely. Bats don’t carry rabies at a higher rate than any other mammal. You are just as likely to get rabies petting a dog as touching a bat, though you should never touch a bat regardless.

Bats play a pivotal role in our ecosystem. Bats pollinate many of the plants and foods we love. If it were not for bats, we wouldn’t have bananas and mangoes, among other things.

Most bat species rely on bugs and insects for the bulk of their food. Bats eat so many bugs that farmers have to use less pesticides to protect their crops.

Do You Have Bats?

Often, it is hard to tell if you have bats in your home or business. They prefer dark and quiet areas to sleep during the day, so you likely will not hear them while you are awake. If you think you have bats, you likely want to investigate. Keep in mind these tips when you are searching.

Bats are most active at dawn and dusk. If you are outside at the right time, you might see them entering or exiting your home, likely around the attic somewhere.

The easiest way to tell if you have bats in your home or business in Luverne is by their droppings, or guano. If you go up to your attic, look for piles of droppings along the floor. Where there are bats, there is bat poop.

Bat guano is bad news for several reasons. First, it is unsanitary. While many people do use it as fertilizer, it is poop. Poop is not something you want sitting in your house. It is smelly and can attract bugs.

Bat guano is also heavy if allowed to accumulate. If bats are calling your attic home, their poop is adding a weight your architect didn’t intend. Eventually, this weight could cause damage to your house.

If you do see bats or guano, it is essential you do not handle any of it. Bats are protected creatures, and their droppings are unsanitary. Calling the professionals at Central Plains Bat Removal should be your next step.

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If you have found the tell-tale signs of a bat infestation or have seen them leaving your home, call Central Plains Bat Removal today. We serve customers in Luverne and throughout Minnesota and the Central Plains.

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