SD Watertown

If you live in Watertown, South Dakota, or anywhere else in the Midwest, that means you have probably seen bats flying through the twilight sky. And they’re nothing to be afraid of! Bats are an essential part of our ecosystem; they are incredibly efficient bug hunters that help to keep the mosquito and moth populations […]


SD Milbank Hollandsgristmill

At Central Plains Bat Removal, we know how pesky a couple of stray bats in the attic of your home or the crawlspaces of your business can be. From the sounds they make to the stains and droppings they can leave behind, you’ll want Millbank bat removal services as soon as you notice these little […]


Skyscrapers in the city of Omaha Nebraska

Central Plains Bat Removal Keeps Omaha, NE, Homes, and Businesses Bat-Free If you live in Omaha, NE, you’ve probably seen a bat or two. And that’s a good thing! Bats are an important part of the ecosystem. But bats inside your home or business are not a good thing. Not only do they leave behind […]


city skyline of Minneapolis

Central Plains Bat Removal Provides Safe and Easy Bat Removal Services to Minneapolis, MN Residents Your Minneapolis, MN, home is a safe, cozy space for you and your family. When bats infiltrate your house, it can feel threatening.  Even though bats are useful creatures to have around, living with them — and their droppings — […]