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If you’re interested in learning more about our bat removal services, or maybe even just bats in general, our blog is a great place to start! We’ve got tons of valuable information on our blog to answer your bat questions.

Side view of flying male Lyle's flying fox (Pteropus lylei)

Fun Bat Facts: The Flying Fox Bat

Have you ever thought much about bats? They can have an undeserved frightening reputation, but bats are incredibly fascinating creatures that play an integral part

A close up of the small bat.

Fun Bat Facts: The Silver-Haired Bat

Did you know there are more than 45 different types of bats just in the United States? Bats can range in size from as small

Grey long-eared bat (Plecotus austriacus) is a fairly large European bat. It has distinctive ears. Landed inside on beam.

How to Prepare for Bat Removal Season

In recent years, people have begun to pay more attention to the importance of bees to our ecological system and our crops. Bats are equally

Fruit bat (Megachiroptera) eating watermelon

How do Bat Diets Vary?

Bats are some of the most fascinating creatures in nature and a vital part of the ecosystem. Bats are beneficial as they can help eliminate

Fun Bat Facts for Kids

Bats are fascinating creatures. Everyone seems to be curious about them. Everyone also seems to have many interesting bat facts, that may or may not

Bats flying at dusk around a tree and Westminster clock tower.

How to Prevent a Bat Infested Belfry

Do you have a bat-infested belfry? What is a belfry? And do I want bats in it? We at Central Plains Bat Removal are positively batty

Bat on Christmas lights

Humane Wildlife Removal is a Must for Bats

When you think of bats, often a creepy or scary image comes to mind. Most people associate them with Halloween or vampires. Bats are far

Close up of bat flying with brick in background

How to Avoid Bat Situations

The buildings we live in, especially our houses, are sanctuaries to us. We do not like it when any pesky intruder enters. Many of us