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If you’re interested in learning more about our bat removal services, or maybe even just bats in general, our blog is a great place to start! We’ve got tons of valuable information on our blog to answer your bat questions.

How Many Species Of Bats Are There - Central Plains Bat Removal

How Many Species Of Bats Are There?

Bats are some of the most amazing creatures out there. Many people know common facts about them, such as bats are the only mammals that

brown bat

Bat Control Tips to Try Before Calling a Pro

When there’s a problem at your house, you probably think you can fix it yourself. And sometimes, you can! It’s that inherent need to conquer

bats flying towards the full moon in a halloween scene

Why are Bats Associated with Halloween?

Bats and Halloween go together like — well — candy and Halloween. The world’s only flying mammal gives most humans a flutter of fear, and