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5 Signs You Need Commercial Bat Removal Services

local ecosystem by pollinating plants

While bats often get a bad reputation since people see them as a pest or a health hazard, bats can be highly beneficial to the local ecosystem by pollinating plants, dispersing seeds, and helping control insect populations.

While you may have always considered bats a pest, did you know that you’d be dealing with a lot more problems if you didn’t have bats to keep harmful insects such as mosquitoes at bay? A single bat can catch 600 mosquitoes in an hour, which is just one of the many reasons why they are a protected species.  

The truth is that bats have gained an unfair reputation over the years, as they pose little threat to humans in their natural habitat. However, this does not mean you want them hanging out in your office or commercial facility.

While bats most commonly take shelter in caves, trees, and under bridges, they do occasionally decide to seek refuge inside a commercial property.

While bats benefit the environment and do not typically attack humans unless provoked, you still do not want them living in your building. Not only can bats enter in the workplace prove to be a nuisance, but they can also cause structural damage, and their droppings can pose a severe health risk.

This way, if you discover bats in your business or commercial building, it is critical that you hire a bat removal service to relocate them as quickly (and humanely) as possible. 

Yet, unless you happen to be in the office late enough to catch a few of these nocturnal creatures flying around, how will you know if you have a bat infestation? Here are five signs you can look out for indicating that you need commercial bat removal services.

1. Unusual Sounds in The Walls 

5 Signs You Need Commercial Bat Removal: Crawl space for signs of bats

One of the easiest ways to detect bats in your commercial facility is to listen out for unusual sounds. Bats make various high-pitched sounds to communicate that you may be able to hear coming from inside the walls or even from high up in the rafters of a warehouse.

If there are bats in the walls of your building, you may also hear chirping, scratching, screeching, or fluttering sounds from within the walls. These sounds are likely to be more pronounced in the evening when bats start to wake up and become active.    

2. There’s a Strong Ammonia Odor

Of course, many commercial facilities are loud, and the rustling and squeaking of bats may go unnoticed. However, if you have a bat infestation, you likely won’t be able to miss the foul, lingering odor emanating from your walls and ceiling.

People often describe this scent as a strong ammonia odor, and this odor, combined with any of the other signs listed here, indicates that you should consider contacting a commercial bat removal service to have your property inspected.    

3. You Find Bat Droppings

Finding bat droppings in or around your business is another clear indicator that bats have taken up residence in your building. If you suspect there may be bats in your tower, look for signs of bat guano near points of entry such as doors, windows, and vents.

Inspect your building’s basement, attic, and crawl space for signs of bats or bat droppings. Seeing guano in or around your building means that likely bats are living somewhere in your facility, and you will need to contact a commercial bat removal service immediately.

You do not want to wait to seek professional help, as bat guano can corrode beams and cause other structural damage in addition to posing a health hazard.    

4. There are Stains on The Walls or Ceiling

Bats are living in your home

Are there any unexplained stains in/around your business or commercial facility? If so, you may have a bat problem. Bat urine and droppings stain the surfaces on which they land. Can these stains commonly be found on carpeting, ceiling panels, beams, walls, and your exterior siding?

These stains usually appear as brown rings, a clear indicator that bats have been calling your facility home for quite some time.  

5. Bats Swarm Outside Your Building at Dusk   

Since bats are nocturnal, you won’t see any activity from them during the day. However, if you do have a bat problem, you will likely be able to see them leaving your building in the evening as they become active. 

Suppose you see any bats hanging near the exterior of your business/commercial facility in the evening or swarming near the building’s exterior. In that case, you have bats in your home or in your tower that need to be removed.

If you believe that bats are living in your business or commercial facility, it is vital that you contact a professional bat removal service as soon as possible. 

A commercial bat removal company will ensure that this protected species is removed from your living space property safely and humanely. They will also be able to guide how to prevent or get rid of bats from returning.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you will know if bats are living in your commercial building and how you can prevent bats from moving into your facility in the first place.